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About the Author

Misti Kenison

Misti Kenison is a web/graphic designer and owner of MK Design. She has written and illustrated 12 board books for children. As a mom, she believes strongly in encouraging literacy at a very young age. Misti, her husband, and their two children live in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Classic Concepts

The Classic Concepts board book series teaches STEAM skills through characters and stories from classic literature. These books teach many different aspects of pre-school math, including addition, subtraction, basic geometry, and spatial recognition.

The Fox & Goat Mysteries

The Fox and Goat Mystery series follows our detectives as they take on a case in each story. Follow along as they search for clues and learn new concepts along the way.

Even the youngest minds will understand these mysteries, and many may even solve the puzzle before the detectives do!

Young Historians Series

The Young Historians series is a collection of books that each take place in a different period in history. Each book features key figures that play a significant role in that period.

Historians of all ages will love these humorous introductions to some of the most famous people in history!

The Tiny Traveler Series

The Tiny Traveler series is a collection of primers for children age 0-3, with a primary focus of teaching basic concepts, such as numbers, shapes, colors, etc. Each book uses iconic imagery from countries around the world to illustrate these concepts in an engaging way.

Unlike many other baby board books, which use basic items such as fruit or animals to teach primary concepts, The Tiny Traveler series uses exotic, fantastic images from places around the world to illustrate these concepts. From the Eiffel Tower, to the Great Pyramids, children will learn the basics of colors and shapes while also learning about these famous landmarks.


Create you own illustrations with our coloring sheets below! Click on the image to open the full, printable coloring page.

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